A Day at the Pool

Mrs. Beth invited us over for a few hours at the pool today!  And Abigail LOVES anything to do with water so she had a ton of fun.  Once again, we left the pool with a baby who was kicking and screaming because she didn’t want to leave the water :)

We’ve learned that water activities wear Abigail out! She fell asleep for her nap almost immediately :) We also learned that Raymond should never be in charge of making sure all our bags are in the car.  He ended up running over our bag of clothes and towels…luckily a crushed apple was the extent of the damage :)

Here are some of the pictures we took from today:


Pool Time!

Well it seems as though we have a regular fish on our hands :)

Abigail loved her first time in the pool this past week and we hope to be spending more time there to cool off during these summer days!

She laughed so much when Raymond went under the water and came back up right in front of her face :)

I hope you enjoy these pictures:

Touching the water

Ready for Daddy to pop up out of the water!

A kiss from Pawpaw :)