A trip to the zoo

Since Raymond’s spring break was this past week, we were able to enjoy some extra family time!  A friend gave us a couple of free passes to the zoo recently, so we decided that this would be the perfect little excursion since we felt like Abigail was old enough to take notice of the animals and play around a little bit.  We invited our good friends, Andrew & Becca, to go with us as well.

I think Abigail had a really awesome time running around outside (she took a super nap that afternoon!) and Charlotte slept almost the entire time we were there…success!  I will say that going on the last day of spring break was probably not the best idea as everybody else on spring break was also there plus a few field trip groups.  But we had fun spending time with our friends and teaching Abigail some animal names :)

You’ll notice in the pictures below that there aren’t really any pictures of the animals…that’s because most of the animals were just laying there (and about half of the ones that were laying there had their backs turned toward us…).  The gorilla was very interactive with his audience, but he was behind glass so the pictures didn’t turn out well.  I guess there’s something about being caged up and having no need to hunt your food down that makes life a little boring.



13 Month Bday…Seneca Park with the Drahoshes

Today we visited Seneca Park in Louisville as a family for the first time. It was cold, there were weird yoga people chanting and dancing, and cars always seemed to ignore us as we walked in the allotted lane.  Yet, we had fun!  Abigail enjoyed putting mulch chips in her mouth and sliding down the “big” playground slide.  After our leisure time we enjoyed a warm lunch with the Drahoshes (they also came to the park with us).

Here are some pictures from our excursion, and a few others that were taken recently.  Enjoy!