Abigail’s Birthday Party and a Visit From GiGi

Since Abigail’s birthday has fallen on Labor Day weekend these past 2 years, it has been super easy to put together a little cookout with friends/family! This year, we were able to have several friends over to our place and my mom (GiGi) even got to come up too!

Abigail has gotten so good about acclimating to new people pretty quickly, so getting used to GiGi was so easy! She loved reading books and looking at pictures with GiGi :)  And now when I show Abigail of picture of GiGi she can recognize her!

We had a really great weekend with my mom – she is always so generous and really great with the girls and it makes me sad that we live so far away from all of our family…

Here are some pictures from the weekend:


Gigi’s Visit and Thanksgiving Part 1 with Mrs. Millie

On Saturday, November 19th the USM Golden Eagles lost to UAB and Gigi left her humble abode for the Ice Praires of Louisville, KY to visit her only born granddaughter (until late January/early February 2012).  Gigi was in the Cardinal city (Louisville Cardinals) here for a week.  We watched Psych, ate, watched Psych, shopped, laughed while watching Psych, and other lazy holiday week things (I tried to do this as much as PhD studies would allow me – I was cramped in an office most of the time writing a paper).  Needless to say, we had a blast! Abigail loved playing with Gigi’s keys, wearing/dragging Gigi’s purse around the house and eating Nutella for breakfast from Gigi’s hand. #Luckykid

On Wednesday, November 23rd we traveled all of 1/2 mile to Mrs. Millie’s home for the first of our two Thanksgiving celebrations! (Mrs. Millie is a NAOBC-er with us; she has basically adopted Meghan and me as grandchildren and Abigail as a great grandchild…I’m not upset about it either because she can cook reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy good).  It was exquisite–homemade food, pumpkin pie, laughing, and assembling a Christmas tree for Mrs. Millie.

Once we receive the pictures from Thanksgiving Part 2 with the Drahoshes and the Browns, we’ll post those pictures as well!

Below are some of the pictures of this wonderful week with family.