Christmas 2012

Sorry for the long absence on the blog.  I feel like we’ve been super busy lately and blogging has not exactly been a priority.

This is the first year since Abigail was born that we’ve been able to visit family for Christmas.  Raymond’s new job allowed for about 2 weeks of Christmas vacation! So we took full advantage and visited both families!

Our first stop was with my family in Mississippi.  We spent 4 days here, which included Christmas Day.  For a lot of my extended family this was their first time seeing Charlotte in real life!  Both of the girls did a great job with traveling and meeting so many new people in such a short span of time.

The second stop was with Raymond’s family in Alabama.  Since we didn’t get to celebrate Christmas with them we spent about 6 days with his family. Abigail had a great time interacting with her cousin Mattilynn, who is one year older than Abigail.  And we are getting ready to add a 5th grandchild (the first boy!) to Mrs. Pat’s legacy as Cortney is closing in on her due date (middle-ish of March).

Here are a few of the better pictures from our camera.  There are quite a bit more…but those pictures are on other cameras, so please forgive us for the insufficiency of these photos.

Charlotte turns 1 in just a few weeks so look for a pretty full update on her next!


Thanksgiving Photo Shoot

Yesterday our local up-and-coming photo-guru, Caleb Drahosh, did a photo shoot with our family. As always, we are more than pleased with his work. Enjoy the photos

At the end of a crazy night…

Well, this day turned out to be more eventful than I intended or really even wished for.  Abigail locked me out of her room and I was forced to take the door knob off.  Before I put the door knob back on Abigail locked all of us in her room which forced me to jump out of her window.  And then I had to call Raymond home from work so that we could take Abigail to the emergency room because her elbow dislocated for the second time in 3 weeks (we didn’t realize that’s what happened the first time, but now we know that it was a dislocation that corrected itself). Its called a nursemaid’s elbow and is pretty common in children until the age of 4.  The doctor said that it seems like Abigail will be a “frequent flier” of the nursemaid’s elbow since it happens so easily and corrects itself just as easily.

But now we’re all home and both of the girls are very asleep (phew!).  Tonight I am thankful for windows that open with relative ease, for unlocked doors, for a manager who will let Raymond go home to take care of his family, and for healthcare facilities that are open 24/7.

Happy 4 months Charlotte!

A favorite past-time…

And here is a picture of our new bow center and a better picture of the revamped dresser:

A Pinterest creation (2 girls = more bows than I can count)

A better picture of the dresser

We also had the pleasure of spending the evening with the Elieffs on Monday night.  We grilled burgers and hot dogs, laughed, talked about buying houses, and protected Abigail from the cuddly dog, Humphrey.

She is Raymond’s child through and through

The husbands are walking the dog and the wives are walking the husbands

Investigating a worm with Emily

Abigail stole Jacob’s scooter

Good friends



A Day at the Pool

Mrs. Beth invited us over for a few hours at the pool today!  And Abigail LOVES anything to do with water so she had a ton of fun.  Once again, we left the pool with a baby who was kicking and screaming because she didn’t want to leave the water :)

We’ve learned that water activities wear Abigail out! She fell asleep for her nap almost immediately :) We also learned that Raymond should never be in charge of making sure all our bags are in the car.  He ended up running over our bag of clothes and towels…luckily a crushed apple was the extent of the damage :)

Here are some of the pictures we took from today:

Redeem and Repurpose


During graduation weekend, we found this ugly dresser at a thrift/antique-type store on Frankfort Ave.  Raymond talked to woman down from $45 to $40…he’s pretty proud of himself for that :) So I decided to try out some more Pinterest-craftiness and repaint the dresser for the girls’ room.  It took almost the whole day mainly because Abigail had the WORST poopy diaper ever, kept trying to finger paint on the dresser, and actually fell in some paint that somebody (coughRaymondcough) spilled on the grass…

Here are some pictures from the day:



Painting…Raymond thinks I’m the next Michaelangelo
Not long after this is when Abigail fell in the paint :)

The stencil on each drawer


The color is a little wonky in this picture because the lighting is wonky in the girls’ room :) but I think it turned out really well! I’m leaving the drawers cracked a little for awhile to let the paint dry really well so that the drawers won’t stick to the frame.  Raymond intends on selling this dresser to anybody who will pay $400 for it…

And this frame will eventually become a bow station for all of Abigail and Charlotte’s bows!

And a work in progress…

Memorial Day Fun

For Memorial Day weekend we were able to get together with my Dad’s side of the family at my Uncle’s house in Columbus, MS.  Their house is right on the Tombigbee River so we spent the weekend on the jet skis and boats.

Abigail had a blast playing in the river!  She just couldn’t get enough of splashing in the water :)  We were nervous that the noise level would scare her a bit (not just boats but barges also traverse this river) but she didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all!  There were several times over the course of the weekend when we literally had to drag her back on to the boat kicking and screaming because she wasn’t ready to leave.
And it was the first time for a lot of the family to meet Charlotte, so everybody was sufficiently loved on :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

A trip to the zoo

Since Raymond’s spring break was this past week, we were able to enjoy some extra family time!  A friend gave us a couple of free passes to the zoo recently, so we decided that this would be the perfect little excursion since we felt like Abigail was old enough to take notice of the animals and play around a little bit.  We invited our good friends, Andrew & Becca, to go with us as well.

I think Abigail had a really awesome time running around outside (she took a super nap that afternoon!) and Charlotte slept almost the entire time we were there…success!  I will say that going on the last day of spring break was probably not the best idea as everybody else on spring break was also there plus a few field trip groups.  But we had fun spending time with our friends and teaching Abigail some animal names :)

You’ll notice in the pictures below that there aren’t really any pictures of the animals…that’s because most of the animals were just laying there (and about half of the ones that were laying there had their backs turned toward us…).  The gorilla was very interactive with his audience, but he was behind glass so the pictures didn’t turn out well.  I guess there’s something about being caged up and having no need to hunt your food down that makes life a little boring.