Abigail gets a big girl bed!

Abigail is about to turn 2 and we’re hoping that we can move Charlotte into the same room as Abigail soon so we decided to purchase another bed so that Charlotte can take over the crib.  After doing some research and talking to friends, we decided to get a bunk bed from IKEA.  This bunk bed should last quite a while especially since we intend on having them share a room for the duration of their stay with us.  And when Charlotte is ready to get out of the crib, I’m hoping that Abigail will be old enough to sleep in the top bunk (and the rails on top are really high).

Rearranging the room was good fun and gave me the chance to better organize the girls’ thing.  Now I feel like we have a little bit of a better system especially for the cloth diapers!

Here are some pictures of the process and before and after shots.


At the end of a crazy night…

Well, this day turned out to be more eventful than I intended or really even wished for.  Abigail locked me out of her room and I was forced to take the door knob off.  Before I put the door knob back on Abigail locked all of us in her room which forced me to jump out of her window.  And then I had to call Raymond home from work so that we could take Abigail to the emergency room because her elbow dislocated for the second time in 3 weeks (we didn’t realize that’s what happened the first time, but now we know that it was a dislocation that corrected itself). Its called a nursemaid’s elbow and is pretty common in children until the age of 4.  The doctor said that it seems like Abigail will be a “frequent flier” of the nursemaid’s elbow since it happens so easily and corrects itself just as easily.

But now we’re all home and both of the girls are very asleep (phew!).  Tonight I am thankful for windows that open with relative ease, for unlocked doors, for a manager who will let Raymond go home to take care of his family, and for healthcare facilities that are open 24/7.

Happy 4 months Charlotte!

A favorite past-time…

And here is a picture of our new bow center and a better picture of the revamped dresser:

A Pinterest creation (2 girls = more bows than I can count)

A better picture of the dresser

We also had the pleasure of spending the evening with the Elieffs on Monday night.  We grilled burgers and hot dogs, laughed, talked about buying houses, and protected Abigail from the cuddly dog, Humphrey.

She is Raymond’s child through and through

The husbands are walking the dog and the wives are walking the husbands

Investigating a worm with Emily

Abigail stole Jacob’s scooter

Good friends



A trip to the zoo

Since Raymond’s spring break was this past week, we were able to enjoy some extra family time!  A friend gave us a couple of free passes to the zoo recently, so we decided that this would be the perfect little excursion since we felt like Abigail was old enough to take notice of the animals and play around a little bit.  We invited our good friends, Andrew & Becca, to go with us as well.

I think Abigail had a really awesome time running around outside (she took a super nap that afternoon!) and Charlotte slept almost the entire time we were there…success!  I will say that going on the last day of spring break was probably not the best idea as everybody else on spring break was also there plus a few field trip groups.  But we had fun spending time with our friends and teaching Abigail some animal names :)

You’ll notice in the pictures below that there aren’t really any pictures of the animals…that’s because most of the animals were just laying there (and about half of the ones that were laying there had their backs turned toward us…).  The gorilla was very interactive with his audience, but he was behind glass so the pictures didn’t turn out well.  I guess there’s something about being caged up and having no need to hunt your food down that makes life a little boring.


A little bit of Abigail & Charlotte

Every time I pull out our video camera or the regular camera, Abigail stops whatever she’s doing and she runs up to me, smiling and saying “CHEESE!” over and over again!
This makes for some pretty cute pictures :)

There really is nothing more fun than playing in a box full of peanuts!

Abigail loves playing with Charlotte’s toys for her :)

Gigi sent a fun package full of chalk, bubbles, and a pinwheel!

Cheesing with some Easter gifts from Gigi!

Kissing Daddy :)

Reading her favorite book to her favorite baby sister

Popping a wheelie with her shopping cart

Play Day at Gymboree with Abigail

This morning Meghan and I took Abigail to Gymboree (thanks Dave & Emily for giving us the free 4-week membership!).  This was her second week of class, but Meghan took her last week by herself so she wasn’t able to take pictures.

The basic premise of Gymboree is learning and development by play and music, so while there is a teacher who is structuring the class, most of our time (especially since they’re so young) is spent playing with Abigail on Gymboree’s really cool equipment!  We also sing together, pop bubbles, and play under a parachute :)