May Update: New England

Recently, Raymond had to travel to New England for business on behalf of the seminary.  It just so happens that this put us within a perfect geographical region to visit Dave and Emily Cook. We flew to Manchester, NH with Raymond and Emily only had to drive 2 hours to pick us up! We had such a wonderful week with our dear friends; this was the first time that we’ve been able to visit with them and it was good to see their life. Our week included a really exciting tour through the Cape Cod chip factory, a visit to the National Seashore, participating in the Herring Run (I’m using the word “participating” pretty loosely…we definitely did not eat any of the Herring like the Seagulls did), and lots of Bocce Ball! Raymond and I were able to go out one evening without kids and Emily and I were able to have an afternoon together without kids too! All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our reunion with old friends and it was really fun to put some more states on our “Been There” list and see a new area of the country!

So below you’ll find pictures from Massachusetts and from Louisville :)


Happy 1st Birthday, Charlotte!

We no longer have babies in our house :( It was both a sad and happy day on February 11 but we are really excited to see Charlotte develop into a little girl in Abigail’s footsteps!

Here is an update on Charlotte’s development thus far in her life:

Weight – 17 lb (12%)
Height – 28.5 in (30%)
Head – 44.8 cm (50%)
Diaper – 
Size 3/cloth
Clothing – 
I have her in 12 month but they’re a little large

Here’s her schedule right now:

7:30 – 8:00 Wake up/Milk time
8:30 Eat breakfast (not her favorite meal so she doesn’t usually eat much)
9:30 If she went to bed late or doesn’t feel well then she’ll take a nap here for about an hour
Noon-ish Lunch time
1:00 Nap time (this nap usually lasts about 2.5-3 hours)
4:00 Small snack
5:30 Dinner
7:00 Begin bedtime routine (bath, Bible, singing)
7:30 In bed & asleep

Favorites – Bananas, yogurt, cheese (almost all food really), being chased, jumping on the couch, chewing on books/shoes, walking around with something in her mouth ALL OF THE TIME, bath time

Terrible Things About Life – Sharing with Abigail, not being held by Daddy when he comes home, having her diaper/clothes changed (seriously, the worst)

Charlotte might be petite but she is such a good eater! Breakfast is her least favorite meal of the day, but there are times during lunch and dinner when I almost feel like she would keep eating and eating as long as I kept putting food on her tray. I make some special little toddler foods for her but for the most part she eats everything that we eat, which makes meal times especially easy.

Most days are one-nap days now.  We typically have something to do in the mornings for at least half of the week, so its just easier for all days to exclude the morning nap.  She would totally still take both naps if I let her, but I get nervous that she’ll ruin her afternoon nap if she keeps taking morning naps :)

Charlotte started walking a couple of weeks before her first birthday.  For the last couple of months she would take a step here or there and she really love walking around while holding on to our fingers but now she pretty much prefers walking by herself and goes pretty long distances without falling!  I think the walking has helped her mood out a little bit.  She has been quite a bit fussier than Abigail was as a baby, but since she’s started walking I think she’s able to keep herself entertained a little better.

I don’t think you can see in any of the pictures, but Charlotte has 8 teeth! They are all of the front teeth and they are cute :)

I love it when Abigail and Charlotte interact well together. Abigail is getting better at sharing with Charlotte and being compassionate towards her. When Charlotte is upset, Abigail will sometimes say, “Its ok Charlotte” and pat her on the back or give her a kiss :) And my favorite is listening to them laugh at each other during car rides to church or the school.

Thanksgiving Photo Shoot

Yesterday our local up-and-coming photo-guru, Caleb Drahosh, did a photo shoot with our family. As always, we are more than pleased with his work. Enjoy the photos

More Pictures

Here are some more pictures from recently.

My grandparents came to visit us several weeks ago and we also tried taking a few “Fall”-y shots at a park near our house that’s really beautiful this time of year.

An Update via Pictures

Sorry for the super long absence! I feel like we have been exceptionally busy lately and, at the same time, the days and weeks seem to go by without even saying hello or goodbye :)

So here’s a selection of pictures from our life as of late…Enjoy!

Happy 5 Months, Charlotte!

This little girl is just growing up way too fast! She’s developing her motor skills quicker than Abigail did, so I guess that’s makes it seem like everything is going by faster too :)

Charlotte has been a little harder to figure out in the sleep department (I’ve probably mentioned that before…).  Right now she’s taking 2-3 naps a day.  There’s a long(ish) morning and afternoon nap and sometimes she need a catnap in the evening…sometimes not.  I put her down for bed about 7:30 or so and she sleeps straight through until 6:30 or 7 (sometimes she’ll even go back to sleep until 8 or 8:30).  I was doing a dreamfeed up until right after she turned 4 months, but she started waking up in the morning earlier and earlier so I decided to drop it and that seemed to fix the problem :) For the most part she sticks to a 3-hour eating schedule though she has been known to go 3.5 or 4 hours between feedings in the morning.

We haven’t started her on any baby food yet because there’s been no reason to, but I plan on starting next week with some kind of cereal and maybe a veggie just to get some good practice in.  And maybe that’ll help to space out her feeding times too.  I also secretly hope that I’ll find something to do that will make her sleep until 8 every morning because I really like getting good sleep…but I know that’s probably not going to happen.  I’m slowly resigning myself to the realization that Charlotte may just be an earlier riser than Abigail (*sigh*).

Charlotte is sitting up all by herself and she’s getting really close to crawling!  This didn’t happen with Abigail until she was 8 months old, but since Charlotte has somebody to keep up with and fight over toys with I guess she has to learn these things a little sooner :)

Here are some pictures from the past month:

Happy 4 Months!

Charlotte has been with us (extra-womb) for 4 months as of June 11.  The time has gone by so quickly but it seems like she’s been with us for a really long time already.  I guess that means that she’s an easy baby and the transition to 4 family members went smoothly!

We had her 4 month well visit yesterday.  Measurements were taken and shots were administered and the doctor concluded that we have a healthy, growing little girl :)

Height – 24 1/4 in (50%)

Weight – 12lb 11oz (25%)

Head – I don’t remember, but her head is in the 25th percentile

Diaper – size 2 & the comparably-sized cloth diaper

Clothing – mostly 3-6 month

Charlotte has been a little harder to figure out in the sleep department, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I have another one to run around after and I have to just do what I can as far as Charlotte goes.  She’s a great napper though, so I guess it balances itself out in the end.  Here’s a typical day for Charlotte:

6ish – wake up & nurse
715 (or a little over an hour later) – nap
9 – wake up & nurse
1015 –  nap
12 – wake up & nurse
115 – nap
230/3 – wake up & nurse
330/4 – nap
530 – wake up & nurse
730 – nurse & bed
Sometime between 10 & 11 – dreamfeed

So 6 in the morning is a little early for me…but it is what it is and maybe she’ll start waking up later when she gets a little older.  We’ve taken her completely off the swaddle and we used to have her sleeping on her belly, but she started rolling over from her stomach to her back and I didn’t want to go in there every 2 seconds to roll her back over so now she  has learned to sleep on her back :)  I also tried really hard to get her on the paci while she sleeps, but she’s just a natural thumb-sucker.  I’m not too big a fan, but I’m warming up to it :)

Charlotte is getting to be really social.  She loves being tickled and has the cutest little laugh! She also loves to buzz her lips and slobber everywhere.

Look at me!

A kiss from Daddy

We missed this stage with Abigail because she was swaddled for so long