The Faithful Parent: A Biblical Guide to Raising A Family

As a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, guide to being a faithful parent, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  Stuart Scott and Martha Peace provide excellent, biblical guidelines for what it looks like to bring your children “up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph 6:4).  This book is full of hope and grace as it encourages parents to have this goal in mind regarding parenting: “…to be faithful to God’s Word by his grace and for his glory” (4).  How do I offer the hope of the gospel to my 4-year old?  How do I know if my 8-year old is really a Christian and how do I disciple him/her?  Peace and Scott offer insight and wisdom on these issues and more while also offering very practical, commonsense tips in each age group to create an environment where consistency encourages obedience.

I would recommend this book to anybody who is already a parent or hopes to be a parent one day.  It is never too late to start honoring the Lord by faithfully disciplining and instructing your children in the way of the Lord.







ApParent Privilege

In ApParent Privilege, Wright and Graves highlight four distinctive marks that make biblical parenting unique: 1) Christian parents seek to model the gospel, 2) Christian parents value and protect the sanctity of Christian marriage, 3) Christian parents see their children as blessings, and 4) Christian parents desire that Jesus captivate their children’s hearts (64).  These distinguishing marks highlight that

biblical parenting is more than keeping our kids from having sex, using drugs, or going to jail.  It is about fostering an awe of God in our children.  It is about showing our children their need for a Savior and introducing them to Jesus who alone can rescue their lives from sin and give life that lasts forever (62).

Parents who are seeking to shepherd their children biblically and who desire that their children know Christ and make him known more than they desire for them to be honor roll students, star athletes, or lavishly famous will greatly benefit from reading this short book.


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