No More Diapers (mostly…) for Abigail!!!

Well, we made the big plunge into the world of potty training!

My original plan was to potty train at the beginning of the new year AFTER our trip home for Christmas. I really wasn’t interested in dealing with potty training issues while traveling and visiting family. I also really like being able to leave the house and not worry about how to fit a buggy into the Target bathroom so that Abigail can use the potty!…I know…silly, but a concern none-the-less.

Lately, though, Abigail has been SUPER enthusiastic about anything to do with a potty. I find her at least once a day in the bathroom with her diaper off and she always asks for a turn on the potty whenever she sees us going. So I started to become concerned that I would miss this great bought of enthusiasm if we waited until the beginning of the year. I decided to change my plan and attempt a somewhat more laid back version of potty training so that she wouldn’t become “addicted” to Kool-aid or juice. I really like that she only drinks water and I’m hoping that will help us to avoid cavities at a young age. I was also not very interested in using a small toddler potty…mostly because I think they’re gross but also because I would rather teach Abigail to use a regular potty so that she wouldn’t be afraid of it when we were out in public or at friends’ houses.

On Monday morning Abigail put some panties on and we began the process of learning how to use the potty! That first day was incredibly frustrating…Abigail was asking to go every minute or so but she never actually produced while on the potty. I think she may have been successful one time on Monday, right after her nap. However, by the end of the second day I could tell that she was making herself go when I put her on the potty! During this process, Abigail had one poopy accident, but ever since then she has asked to go potty whenever she needs to poop! After that second day we decided to start giving her treats every time she was successful so now she gets a sticker, an M&M, and a Skittle (we couldn’t decide what type of candy because I like M&Ms and Raymond likes Skittles…that’s right, we also get treats every time she’s successful!)

It is day 6 of potty training and Abigail is doing really awesome! She’s mostly accident free and while we’re still using a diaper during nap/night-time, she is usually dry when she wakes up :) She also really likes to go potty right before she goes to bed. The last 2 nights she has started screaming bloody-murder about 10 minutes after putting her to bed. I went in and both times I found her with her pajamas in the dirty clothes hamper and halfway through taking her diaper off…she just needed to use the bathroom :)

And now there’s pretty much nothing left to Abigail’s baby-ness… :( I’m grateful for clothes that fit better and for not having to change as many diapers, but it is really sad to see her growing up so quickly.


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