Happy 2nd Birthday, Abigail!

These past 2 years have been such a fun journey! Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that Raymond was sitting next to my head holding our brand new 7lb 10oz baby girl…and then there are other times when I can hardly remember all the little changes she’s gone through unless I look through all the monthly updates on the blog!

It really is incredible how much kids change in the first 2 years of their life. Right now, I feel like Abigail is learning several new things every day and she really is becoming a beautiful, joyful little girl :)

Weight – 26lb 6oz (50%)
Height – 33in (25%)
Head – I don’t remember but it was 80%

Likes – rocks, colors, baths, jumping, meps (grapes), getting Charlotte up from a nap, books, books, books, drinking coffee with Daddy, brushing her teeth, shoes, helping Mommy do everything…and I mean everything!

Dislikes – the vacuum and other loud noises (sirens, garbage trucks, etc)

Abigail’s schedule is still pretty much the same.  She wakes up between 7:30 and 8, takes a nap (usually) at about 1:30 for 1.5-2hrs, and goes to bed between 7:30 and 8. We recently switched her to a bunk bed at the same time that we put both girls in the same room for night time sleep.  The transition went really smoothly.  The first night was terrible but after that everything has been easy! Both girls go to bed at the same time and, due to ongoing congestion/ear infection and possible growth spurt, Charlotte gets moved to the living room around 5:30. About once a week Abigail wakes up super early (6ish) but every other day she sleeps to the normal 730ish!

I am so amazed by how incredible Abigail’s memory is right now! We often color together and I’ll write down the alphabet and numbers 1-10, and then Abigail tells me all the grandparents’, aunts’, and uncles’ names and I write them down for her! She provides commentary for all of life (her own and others’) and she often rehearses activities from previous days in the week :)

Abigail is still a really awesome eater.  Sometimes she gets tired of eating the same thing over and over again so she’ll often go on strikes against eggs and bananas and pasta :) but I just take a little break and she normally goes right back to eating them again.  I’ve been trying to be a little more health conscious with her snacks recently because she doesn’t always eat very well for at least one meal of the day. I think she may just be too distracted sometimes and there are other times when I think she doesn’t like what I give her to eat :)

The vocabulary/communication department has exploded! She is saying 4 & 5-word sentences and can copy every word that we say in front of her.  She can also say the alphabet with us and count to 10 with our help. Abigail LOVES music and often sings along with some of her favorite songs (“Jesus Loves Me” “My God is so Big” and some I can’t remember right now…).  She likes to ask us to sing to her and read a book in an effort to not have to go to sleep :)  She’s getting more accurate with her colors (not to be read that she is accurate, just that she sometimes gets a color correctly). Most of the time she calls everything pink :) We have these tablets that turn her bath water a few different colors and one night I put a red tablet in the water.  I asked her if she was ready to get out and she said, “No, water is pink!” And there you have the logic of a toddler :)

I’m sure that there is more I wanted to write down about Abigail’s life right now, but I just can’t remember anything else :)

Enjoy the pictures!


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