Abigail gets a big girl bed!

Abigail is about to turn 2 and we’re hoping that we can move Charlotte into the same room as Abigail soon so we decided to purchase another bed so that Charlotte can take over the crib.  After doing some research and talking to friends, we decided to get a bunk bed from IKEA.  This bunk bed should last quite a while especially since we intend on having them share a room for the duration of their stay with us.  And when Charlotte is ready to get out of the crib, I’m hoping that Abigail will be old enough to sleep in the top bunk (and the rails on top are really high).

Rearranging the room was good fun and gave me the chance to better organize the girls’ thing.  Now I feel like we have a little bit of a better system especially for the cloth diapers!

Here are some pictures of the process and before and after shots.


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