VBS 2012 – Amazing Wonders Aviation

This year’s VBS theme was Amazing Wonders Aviation.  We did a lot of “flying” to various natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef while we learned about missionaries in Madagascar and the Amazon Jungle.  I helped out with the older 4 yr old class (so most of them were actually 5 but hadn’t started Kindergarten yet).  It was definitely a trying week – I’m glad that Raymond and I will never have 20 4-yr olds at one time :).  But we had a great time teaching these little ones that God loves them and that Jesus died for their sins (and I was reminded that 4-yr olds are definitely sinners…).

Here are some pictures from our adventures:


One thought on “VBS 2012 – Amazing Wonders Aviation

  1. I’m glad you and Raymond won’t have 20 four year olds running around at the same time also. Just think how many blueberry bushes i would have to buy. Looks like a good time. Meghan you are a very courageous woman and you are always putting others first.

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