Redeem and Repurpose


During graduation weekend, we found this ugly dresser at a thrift/antique-type store on Frankfort Ave.  Raymond talked to woman down from $45 to $40…he’s pretty proud of himself for that :) So I decided to try out some more Pinterest-craftiness and repaint the dresser for the girls’ room.  It took almost the whole day mainly because Abigail had the WORST poopy diaper ever, kept trying to finger paint on the dresser, and actually fell in some paint that somebody (coughRaymondcough) spilled on the grass…

Here are some pictures from the day:



Painting…Raymond thinks I’m the next Michaelangelo
Not long after this is when Abigail fell in the paint :)

The stencil on each drawer


The color is a little wonky in this picture because the lighting is wonky in the girls’ room :) but I think it turned out really well! I’m leaving the drawers cracked a little for awhile to let the paint dry really well so that the drawers won’t stick to the frame.  Raymond intends on selling this dresser to anybody who will pay $400 for it…

And this frame will eventually become a bow station for all of Abigail and Charlotte’s bows!

And a work in progress…


One thought on “Redeem and Repurpose

  1. I”ll buy it for $399.99 and that’s my final offer. It looks great Meghan, you have really encouraged me. Maybe Raymond backed over your stuff because he didn’t have his wipers on. Well at least you got some applesauce.Love and miss you all.


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