A Green Thumb

I’ve been interested in learning how to grow things (especially edible things) for a while.  Until we moved to our new apartment there wasn’t really a nice sunny place to plant anything even in containers.  But the patio area in our apartment now gets about 10 hours of sunshine on a nice summer day so while Mrs. Pat was in town for Raymond’s graduation, she helped us get a little “newbie” garden up and running.  I call it a “newbie” garden so that I won’t be disappointed if nothing grows :) We decided on 2 tomato plants, squash, beans, and 2 blueberry bushes.  We love fruit in our house and blueberries are way too expensive for our budget so I thought it might be fun to give blueberries a try.  We were planting a little late in the season so we bought actual tomato plants instead of starting from seeds, but we went ahead with seeds for the squash and beans.

The 2 blueberry bushes

I learned that blueberries require cross-pollination so we were encouraged to buy 2 bushes of differing varieties.  I guess that’s a good way for that plant nursery to make money… :)

Tomatoes, beans, squash

These pictures are from 2 weeks ago and already so much as changed!  The squash and bean plants are getting pretty large now and there’s already a small tomato growing on one of the tomato plants.  I’m also able to collect a good handful of blueberries every day…we definitely are not saving them for anything special – Abigail and I eat them as soon as they’re rinsed off :)

Our first blueberry! It was yummy


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