Happy 18 Months!

We had Abigail’s 18-month well check in the middle of March..here are her stats!

Weight – 23lb (25-50%)

Height – 32.5in (25-50%)

Diaper – Size 4/cloth

Clothes – 18 & 24 month (2T works well in most bottoms because the cloth diapers add significant fluffiness to her booty)

Nothing much has changed about Abigail’s schedule since her last update; she still sleeps about 12 hours at night and takes a nap in the afternoon of at least 1.5 hrs (more like 2-2.5 hrs recently). I am very grateful that Abigail’s sleep wasn’t affected with the arrival of Charlotte (even though her mood was quite stinky for a couple of weeks!).  She also went through a few days of an eating strike (super frustrating!) but ever since then she’s been eating like a champ!

Her favorite foods include cheese, yogurt, bread, green beans, cheerios, granola, eggs, pasta…so she’s mostly a fan of everything we give her except for meat (though she does like lunch meat).  In a personal effort to eat healthier, I’ve been trying to come up with creative and healthy snacks since that’s a huge problem area for me!  So I bought some frozen edamame that was already shelled and roasted them in the oven with a little bit of parmesan cheese.  Abigail absolutely loved them! I love that she loves food, even healthy food :) I hope that we can instill healthy eating habits in these early years of her life so that she will easily try new foods and so that we won’t have an only hot dog and pizza eating child :)

Abigail’s vocabulary has EXPLODED!! It seems like she’s learning new words every day and has even started putting together sentences.
Here’s a list of some of the words she’s currently able to say on her own (I’ll try to remember as many as I can): shoe, potty, diaper, water, cheese, please, sock, duck, stuck (these 3 kinda sound the same), apple, Bible (every book is a Bible), bubble (those 3 sound the same as well), pop, Amen, more, dirty, outside, ball, up, down, off, on, eye, mommy, daddy, Charlotte, baby, night-night, bye bye, hi, its a ______, wind, rain, poo-poo (she points to her bottom and says this whenever she has pooped), bow, empty, bread, bottle (sounds like go-go), see ya, got you/it, banana, push, coffee (imagine Scooby-Doo saying this and that’s what she sounds like), wipe, again, no, mine (ugh…), sit, cracker, cookie, go, hold her/me/you, bath, keys, juice, more, hot, cold, block, woah, teeth.
She can also make several animal noises (dog, duck, snake, and a few more).

Raymond and I love being able to communicate with her! She can follow pretty much any instruction that we give her even though she can’t actually say any of those words and she loves repeating words that we say.  I know that the repeating skill will only get worse so we’ve really got to learn how to gain control over our tongues!  Abigail LOVES singing songs; I think her favorite is probably “If You’re Happy and You Know It” :)  She does all of the motions and makes Charlotte do all of them too!

I’ve noticed this past week that Abigail really does love a good routine and for everything to be exactly the same as she is used to (foreseeable control issues when she gets older??).  She is remembering the things that we do consistently from day to day and she anticipates them…that’s been a lot of fun :)

Abigail is working on her 13th & 14th teeth!  She has 4 molars and 4 front teeth each on the top and bottom.  These newest ones that are popping up are her bottom canine teeth (hopefully the top ones will pop up pretty soon after the bottom ones)

I have some videos that I plan on putting on the blog soon, but here are some photos!


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