Happy 2 Months!

Weight – 11lb 3oz (50%)

Height – 22.25in (50%)

Head – 38cm (30%)

Diaper – size 1/cloth

Clothes – mostly 0-3 month & sometimes 3-6 month

730 – Wake up & Nurse
830 – Nap
1030 – Wake up & Nurse
1130 – Nap
130 – Wake up & Nurse
230 – Nap
430 –  Wake up & Nurse
530 – Nap
630 – Wake up
7ish – Nurse
730 – Bed
A dreamfeed before I go to bed (anytime between 10 & 11:30)

So that’s an ideal schedule which means that those times can vary by 30 minutes either way especially if we have places to go in the morning.  And you’ll notice from the schedule that Charlotte is sleeping through the night!!  Its amazing how much more competent I feel during the day when I get unbroken sleep…the sleep deprivation definitely hit me harder this time around!

Charlotte took very well to a schedule and learning how to fall asleep by herself! And we crossed the 8-week milestone that gave Abigail problems with her naps with no incident.  I’m a definite believer in swaddling from day 1 for that reason :)  Seeing as how we made it to 2 months and she’s sleeping really really well (night and day) I decided just a couple of days ago to take the swaddle away and put her down to sleep on her belly.  She was already breaking out of the swaddle a lot and I was getting tired of reswaddling in the middle of nap and in the middle of the night.  This transition went really well and she seems to be getting normal amounts of sleep…yay!

One thing I love about Charlotte is that its really difficult to get her to an overtired state.  Which is great because there are a few mornings during the week that are guaranteed for us to not be home (and she doesn’t sleep well in her carseat).  So even if she doesn’t sleep much in the morning then I know that she’ll take a solid 3-hour nap while Abigail’s napping!

Charlotte is also smiling socially and starting to laugh a little…such a reward!


2 thoughts on “Happy 2 Months!

  1. Cute kiddos! I learned about dream feeding/cluster feeding in the evenings with my 3rd (finally) and it seemed to help him sleep longer at night. Yay for experience and learning. You’re a great Mom! Have fun with those beautiful girls!

  2. Love the pictures and info. I am so deeply touched how you all made Cortney’s wedding important , when you had so much going on in your lives. Could not have done it without you all. Looking forward to May.

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