Breakfast with Friends & Meghan’s 26th BDay

The Graigs and The Johnsons

This week Meghan and I had the opportunity to spend some time with another NAOBC couple preparing leave Louisville (we meet to part and part to meet). Like good Southern Baptists, we fellowshipped over food-breakfast to be exact.  It was great, we ate Adam’s burnt biscuits with some gravy, eggs, and fruit while we talked about family and what the next several months of their life will look like.

On another note, Meghan celebrated her 26th birthday this week!  When we came home today, our front door had been decorated by one of Meghan’s best friends-Rebekah Drahosh.  To celebrate, I took Meghan for a birthday breakfast at IHOP.  While there, I asked her “How does it feel being 26?”  She replied, “It feels great! After a year of being odd (i.e. 25) it feels great being even again (i.e. 26).”


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