Play Day at Gymboree with Abigail

This morning Meghan and I took Abigail to Gymboree (thanks Dave & Emily for giving us the free 4-week membership!).  This was her second week of class, but Meghan took her last week by herself so she wasn’t able to take pictures.

The basic premise of Gymboree is learning and development by play and music, so while there is a teacher who is structuring the class, most of our time (especially since they’re so young) is spent playing with Abigail on Gymboree’s really cool equipment!  We also sing together, pop bubbles, and play under a parachute :)


3 thoughts on “Play Day at Gymboree with Abigail

  1. Once again it looks like fun (can you tell I am off today?) Why is Ray’s plate the biggest? Meghan you look great and definitely with child. Miss you all.

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