The Servant King

I recently read T. Desmond Alexander’s The Servant King: The Bible’s Portrait of the Messiah.  With skill, Alexander articulately shows throughout his work how the entire Bible endeavors to tell one story about Jesus Christ.  Indeed, the Bible is one book wed together by multiple themes that tells one story about Jesus the Christ.

Alexander does more than creatively tie narrative themes together, he labors to make clear that there are two types of people: “those who display a positive attitude toward God (the seed of the woman) and those who are fundamentally opposed to him (the seed of the serpent)” (18).  The most visible difference between the two types of people is that the moral behavior of those within the kingdom distinguishes them from those outside of the kingdom (149).  As a result, the book is applicational as well as deeply theological.

It is an easy book to read (only 168 pages) and will help you read Scripture narratively. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to further understand the one story told between the Old and New Testament.


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