Christmas 2011

This Christmas season we stayed in Louisville, KY for two reasons: 1) Meghan has about 7 weeks until she gives birth to our second daughter, Charlotte, so traveling ten hours to either Alabama or Mississippi was undesirable for her tired body and 2) to allow me more availability to work for my managers who are so graciously flexible during the school semester with my work schedule.

So on Christmas Eve, I worked at Mitchell’s while Meghan and Abigail attended our church’s Christmas Eve service and spent some time with some of our friends from church who were also in town for Christmas this year.  Christmas day was very full of good things since it fell on a Sunday this year!  We woke up and opened a few presents before going to church where we were able to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our church family.  Afterwards we ate a Christmas lunch with Mrs. Millie and spent a few hours with her.  All of her family is connected with a minister of a church in some way so she celebrated with her family on Friday and invited us over for lunch on Sunday :) We returned home in time for a nap and then we finished opening our presents and had a very relaxing evening spending time together as a family!

While this is technically Abigail’s 2nd Christmas, this year she was definitely more aware of what was happening and it was a lot more fun for us to watch her open presents and play with her new toys!  We look forward to the next few years as her understanding grows and her memory improves and we’re able to teach her more about why we celebrate Christmas rather than just laugh at her playing in the wrapping paper (which is a lot of fun too!).

Here are A LOT of pictures from Christmas day and a couple of videos for you to enjoy :)

Abigail opens her first Christmas present (Meghan opened all of them for her last year…)

And this is how Abigail ended her day:


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