A Sudden Burst of Creativity

Recently, the creative juices have been flowing in the Johnson home.  Perhaps its the 3rd trimester taking over, but I think it also might have something to do with Pinterest, to which I am only mildly addicted to :)

Ever since we moved (back towards the end of May), I’ve been searching for some artwork to put above our fireplace mantle.  I’ve found some really beautiful pieces, but all of them are for a price that I’ve been unwilling to pay ($60+).  So, my frugal nature has left us with a very blank area of wall that is very loudly begging for something to take up the space.

I had pretty much given up searching for anything just because we didn’t really have the money to do anything that I wanted to with the area…until the advent of, and subsequent obsession with, Pinterest!  I’ve really been inspired by all of the “do-it-yourself” projects and so I decided to put that energy into creating some kind of artwork for the mantle.

First of all, I am not exactly a “crafty” or “artsy” person so this is not the route I usually take in finding ways to be frugal…I would much rather spend my time finding great deals at the store or doing things like making laundry detergent!  But I did some research for awhile, found something I though would be feasible for such a person as me with very low level art skills, and I bought all the necessary supplies (which cost about $25).  From there, I spent a few weeks building up the courage to begin this monstrous (for me) project and I waited :) One day a few weeks ago, a couple of really good friends came for a visit and they helped me get a jump start by painting the base color on the canvases.

I figured that there was no way to get my money back now so I might as well keep going!   I kept taking it pretty slow so that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed, but the project is officially done and we now have that something that I wanted above the fireplace :)  Its definitely not worthy of the artwork I originally was looking to buy, but it’ll do…

Here are a few shots of the process:


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