Thanksgiving Part 2 and Christmas Pics

Caleb, Rebekah, Derek, Colton, Amy, Meghan (and Charlotte in the womb), Raymond, and Abigail #NAOBC4Life

On Thanksgiving day 2012 we ate with two families that we are exceptionally close with at our church, NAOBCthe Browns and the Drahoshes.  Gigi, Meghan’s mom, was there too.  We had a wonderful day together for the second year in a row.  We talked, ate, played with Colton and Abigail on the floor, ate, played Ticket to Ride, and ate (and after it all Meghan and I watched Psych!). You know that’s right!

Other highlights of the day: the guys tossed the football and reminisced on the fun of our respective high school football days,  Raymond and Derek pulled the kiddos around in a wagon, and the ladies did something but I wasn’t there to observe it so I don’t know what they said or did :)

Below are two Christmas pictures from our family photographer, Caleb Drahosh.  They are their usual awesome with Caleb-esque quality.  Though it looks like he took them at a studio, he did them in our living room.  Thanks bro!

The Johnson family


One thought on “Thanksgiving Part 2 and Christmas Pics

  1. I really liked the pictures especially the one where she is sitting in the litttle chair I gave her.
    She is so pretty and I know just as sweet. Love her so much.

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