Exalting the Savior by Building Community

Dinner with the Adult Singles from NAOBC

Death will not be there, and neither will life.  No leaves will be there, but there will be trees.  Thankfully, there will be food, but, oddly, there will be no money to buy food.

Those were just a few of the phrases made while playing a game with the several men and women from our church.  Last night Meghan and I had the privilege of hosting a horde of the men and women in Pastor Philip Brown’s singles ministry at NAOBC.  We ate baked spaghetti made by my hospitable bride, conversed, and played both Mad Gab and Green Glass Room (if you don’t know the rules then you should play; if you do know the rules then you know that Philp is not invited but Drs. Cook and Elieff are invited).  Before playing games, Meghan and I each had the opportunity to share how we became followers of Jesus Christ as well as how we became the Johnson four: me, Meghan, Abigail, and Charlotte.

Mad Gab

It was a wonderful night!  We hosted these men in women in our small apartment as a means of being faithful to practically fulfill the vision that Pastor Bill Cook has for our congregation.  In November of 2011 he charged our congregation to be intentional about building community, but not just any type of community–he doesn’t want a small group of friends to isolate themselves from everyone and hang out only with each other all the time.  Rather, he desires for us, as fellow members of the One body in Christ, to cultivate cross-generational fellowship with a multitude of Believers in various life situations throughout our congregation.  Surprisingly, it is amazingly simple.  All you have to do is eat and talk.

So, soon and very soon, open your home, take the opportunity to befriend a person/group of people in a totally different life situation, a person with different likes and dislikes.  May God be honored in your intentionality.


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