New Wine & Christmas Decorations

Recently, Meghan and I were paid a visit by our longtime family friend, Katie Anthony (Katie too is a USM alum with a degree in speech communication, #SMTTT!). But this time she didn’t make the trip from Lexington to Louisville alone, she brought her roommate (and our new friend), Julie Lasslo, with her.

We laughed, reminisced on our adolescent adventures at USM, shared graduate school woes, talked about C.S. Lewis and his impact on pretty much everything and everyone, ate at the illustrious BoomBozz Pizza, and decorated the Johnson Christmas tree.  It was a wonderful visit!  And while I went to get more lights from Target since Katie needed eleventy billion to beautify the 5ft tree fake tree we have (if you look outside at night you can probably see our tree, and probably our apartment, burning in the midnight sky thanks to Katie), they painted some frames Meghan plans to draw on to hang above our fireplace #crafttime

While the Ashland ladies were at our place they gave us a present–the CD that their band recently recorded.  The name of the band is New Wine (don’t fret if you’re hyper-baptist or obnoxiously spiritual, it has nothing to do with alcohol.  They got the name from from Matthew 9:17 and Luke 5:37 when Jesus talks about new wine being put into new wine skins) and the name of the CD is Long Way Back.  If you follow the link of the band name it will take you to their Facebook page; if you follow the link of the CD title it will take you to Amazon so that you can procure your copy of the CD while supplies last (they will probably last as long as MP3s exist…and the MP3 version is cheaper!).  Tracks 1 (Near the Cross), 3 (Footprints of a King), and 8 (Wherever He Leads) are worth the price of the album.  So, if you are interested in some fresh Christ-centered lyrics, rhythmic music, and beautiful gospel-saturated singing I would make the purchase.

Below you will find some pictures of our visit, enjoy.


One thought on “New Wine & Christmas Decorations

  1. Raymond and Meg,

    This blog entry is so sweet and funny, and it seemed to capture the day pretty well :) Additionally, I loved the photo captions. They were both poignant and hilarious. I’m so thankful that we all got to spend last Saturday together and thrilled that you both got to meet Jules. She’s a gem for sure. Can’t wait to see ya’ll again! Give Abigail a kiss for me!


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