Announcing the Name of Our 2nd Daughter

As many of you may know, Meghan is pregnant (7 months-ish to be exact).  From the minute we learned that we would be expecting another gift from the Lord we started deliberating names.  Once again, I began to suggest a multitude of boy names since I was confident that we had to be having a boy. However, this time was different since Meghan too suggested some boy names…I think we both thought we were having a boy or she pitied me since I am currently surrounded by female hormones.  But on September 14th we learned that we are having another baby girl!

Though the news was amazing, it took us a while to decide/agree on a name for our new daughter.  So, after much thought we are proud to announce to you that our youngest daddy’s girl will be named —

Charlotte Patricia Johnson

Later we will explain what the name means and why we work so hard to give our children a name with a meaning.

Below are pictures of the ultrasound in September. Though they are a bit dated, we hope that you enjoy them.


One thought on “Announcing the Name of Our 2nd Daughter

  1. Charlotte Patricia is a wonderful name! Let Charlotte know that she can come meet Matthew whenever she has the chance

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