A Visit From The Johnson Ladies in AL

This weekend my mom, Pat Johnson, and my two sisters, Margaret Newberry and Cortney soon-to-be Jones, traveled from the Heart of Dixie to Louisville, KY so that we could spend a weekend together!  It was especially great since my sister Margaret had not been able to visit with Abigail in about a 9 months.

We had a glorious time. On Friday, November 11th we had a surprise party for my mom who turned 59 today (Dear Mom, I apologize in advance for posting your age on our blog…Meghan made me do it). On Saturday, November 12th we ran errands around Louisville and went shopping and ate at Buca Di Beppos (an Italian restaurant) and relished dessert from the Homemade Pie Kitchen and laughed at jokes that would only be funny if you were traveling in my packed Chevy Trail Blazer with us.

Below are some of the fun family photos that we took.  Also, you will find some pictures that we took on Halloween when Abigail found walking in leaves to be unusually funny…she laughed so hard that she doubled over…seriously.


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