Southern Miss #ToTheTop

While we were in MS, Raymond had the opportunity to preach 2 times at the Southern Miss Baptist Student Union.  The BSU is currently going through the book of John, so Raymond taught from John 8 on Tuesday night.  Everything went really well that night and we got to see a lot of old friends as well as talk to several students about seminary life.  Thursday lunch was a very informal preaching time since most students have a very small window of time between classes and they are mostly focused on eating their food :)  Raymond spoke about the power of the tongue and church membership.  He also wooed the students over with a few book give-aways!

In general, our time in MS was wonderful.  Abigail was a happy trooper the whole time – she met new people, napped in the car a lot, and went to bed late most nights!  We had a great time with my family throughout the week, and my sister, Emily, even came over 1 day earlier than she was planning that we could spend some extra time with her!

Here are a few shots from our time with my family:


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