Happy 1st Birthday!

So on September 1, 2011 Abigail officially turned one.  It was a great day of reflection as both Raymond and I remembered how the day unfolded and the circumstances that followed over the next week of her life.  We are so grateful for Abigail’s life and for the blessing/joy that she has been to us this past year.

Here are some stats and fun developmental achievements she is making:

Weight: 19.5 lb

Height: 28 in

Head: ?

Clothes: 12- and 18-month in everything

Diaper: We are cloth diapering now :) but she wears a size 3 in disposables

Here’s the schedule we are adhering to at the moment:

8:00  Wake up/Milk
9:00 Breakfast
Noon Milk
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Nap (this nap lasts anywhere from 1 hour on bad days to 2.5 hours on good days)
4:00 Milk
5:00 Dinner
7:00 Bath, Milk, and Bedtime Routine (songs, reading, rocking, etc)
7:30-8:00 Bedtime

Favorites – opening and closing doors, bath time, EATING, turning pages in books, clapping, babbling nonsensically

Anti-Favorites – discipline, having toys taken away

A lot has changed for Abigail in the last month or so.  I decided to make the jump from 2 naps per day to only 1 because it was becoming more and more regular for her to not take her afternoon nap if she took her morning nap.  I tried playing around with nap times and such, but to no avail.  So she’s only taking one nap now and I LOVE this new schedule because we can do things in the morning (grocery shop, exercise, play dates, friend dates) and I know that she’ll take a nap in the afternoon.  Her temperament/attitude is fine throughout the whole day aside from 30 minutes or so before nap time and I really enjoy not fighting her to take a nap.

Abigail is completely on whole milk nowadays.  The transition was easy; she never even acted like there was a difference in taste/texture.  She still takes all 4 servings during the day from a bottle, but the goal is to be on a sippy cup exclusively sometime soon (before the next baby?).  There’s something about the texture of the milk coming out of the sippy cup that Abigail just can’t get over, even though she takes it fine out of a bottle and she loves drinking water from a sippy cup.

We have started use cloth diapers and I LOVE them!  We’re using the FuzziBunz brand and the money we’re saving is reason enough for me, but they really are no more difficult/gross than disposable diapers (aside from washing them every 2 or 3 days).  Also, these diapers should last us through at least 3 kids if we take care of them (hanging to dry, etc).  The only drawback I see right now is that they do make Abigail’s booty a little thicker so her clothes don’t always fit the way they used to.

Last week (about Wednesday), Abigail woke up with a new type of babbling.  Before now she’s been doing to typical consonant repetition, but now she almost seems to have her own language!  Its tons of fun to listen to…it almost sound like she’s trying to talk to us :)

Abigail has begun developing her walking skills (video below)!  She prefers the crawl, but she does like being able to walk while holding onto our fingers.  However, for the past couple of days she has taken the first few brave steps by herself :)

For the birthday celebration, we had a small party with family over Labor Day weekend (pictures below) and then a cookout with friends on Labor Day (pictures to come).  We also plan on having some 1-year photos taken by the same friend who took them last time (maybe around 9 months?).

LBJ is doing great as far as I can tell :) I have started feeling some movement this week so that’s been fun.  Also, we get to have our 20-week ultrasound next Wed, Sept 14 to make sure all fingers and toes are there and to see if we can take a peek at the gender! :)


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