Graduation from SBTS (the first time)

In May, I graduated with my MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was a wonderful day, a day on which I was overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. To be honest, on the one hand, it was not extremely exciting. I plan to graduate again next year (May 2012) with another degree from SBTS, a ThM in New Testament, and then I hope to pursue a PhD at the same institution in New Testament.  So, I thought, “This is the first time I will sit in the blazing heat for a piece of paper from SBTS, but not the last.”

But, on the other hand, as I prepared to walk the historic stage that countless godly Christians have crossed, I realized that there were men and women sitting all around me who were literally about to leave the country to preach the gospel in hostile places around the world, to people in countries who either don’t know or don’t care about the gospel of Jesus Christ. There were men who were either going to or returning to inglorious pastorates where they will faithfully serve unnoticed. When I considered this reality, somber emotions overwhelmed me as we sang, “We meet to part, but part to meet…” from the seminary’s hymn, Soldiers of Christ, in Truth Arrayed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has invested in me while I studied at SBTS for my MDiv. I would especially like to thank 1) Meghan, my dear wife who has patiently endured much study and a low income 2) my family, who though they may think I am crazy have never told me so and have only encouraged me along the journey and 3) Mexia Baptist Church for generously funding my first two full years of seminary even though I have never been a member there, may God bless you for your faithful stewardship.

Here are some pictures from graduation day:


3 thoughts on “Graduation from SBTS (the first time)

    • Bruce, I can, but I don’t know what your question has to do with the celebration of my graduation from seminary.

      Either way, here is my definition: Sin is any failure to conform to the moral law of God in act, attitude, or nature. The Scripture tells us that all have sinned (Rom 3:26), indeed, we were born into sin (Ps 51). We are sinners by nature and we are sinners by choice.

  1. I am going to embarrass you and comment. Looking at the pictures brought back a lot of great memories. WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!! I look forward to your next graduation!!! Love you also forever and like you for always, Mom

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