Happy 10 Months!

Happy 10 months Abigail!  We are officially in the double digits of infancy :)

Here are some stats and fun developmental achievements she is making:

Weight: I have no idea

Height: ??

Head: ?

Clothes: 6-9 or 6-12 month in everything

Diaper: Size 3

Here’s the schedule we are adhering to at the moment:

8:00  Wake up/Formula

9:00 Fruit and Cereal

10:00 Nap

Noon Formula

12:30 Fingers Food/Baby Food

2:00 Nap

4:00 Formula

5:00 Finger Foods/Baby Food

7:00 Formula

7:30-8:00 Bedtime

Favorites – standing at the glass door, climbing up the stairs, pushing things across the floor, squealing with laughter, giving kisses, eating real food, baths

Anti-Favorites – having a toy taken away, discipline

Well, we are making the transition into finger/table food and Abigail is loving it!  We started out with fruits since they are soft and easy to chew, but we’ve now moved on to Cheerios, green beans, bread, egg yolk, broccoli cheese nuggets, sweet potato chunks, chicken, and whatever we give her off our plates.  She definitely prefers chewing food rather than just swallowing the purees, so there are some instances where Abigail just won’t eat her baby food but will scarf down anything she can chew!  Just a couple of days ago, she started learning how to put the food in her mouth by herself but for the most part I do it for her (mostly I’m not ready for the mess of self-feeding).

Abigail is babbling more and more these days.  Lately it seems as though she’s been more conversational in the noises she makes and the inflection she uses.  She definitely still copies us a lot and loves being read or sung to.  I’ve recently been looking forward to the day when we can communicate using words :)

We still haven’t seen any teeth yet or any signs of teeth.  We hear that babies eventually get teeth, but we’re still waiting :)

Abigail is definitely getting the hang of responding to “No touch” which is really exciting.  I’m hoping the next step will be that she remembers the things for which we’re consistently telling her “No” (kitchen floor, electrical cords, etc).  We have discovered, however, that Abigail is not much of a sharer right now.   This will hopefully change as she will be forced to adapt to a sibling, but for now I’m seeing glimmering shots of future temper tantrums :(

Here are some pictures from this past month.  Enjoy!

A little update on our newest addition:

Everything seems to be fine.  I’m feeling more nauseated than my pregnancy with Abigail but its not too much to deal with so I’m thankful that I have a physical manifestation to remind me that there’s a baby inside!  We had an ultrasound on June 23 and the updated due date is Feb 6, 2012, which means that he/she is approximately the size of a grape :)  It was really awesome to see the baby’s very fast heartbeat!  We’ll be able to hear the heartbeat on July 19 at my next appointment.  I am very much looking forward to the rest of this pregnancy and adding another baby to our family (and this may be strange, but I think I’m also looking forward to the labor and delivery part as well).


One thought on “Happy 10 Months!

  1. She sounds like a good eater and is resisting all the normal things a 10 month old does—sharing, ect. She seems so sweet. We love the storybook bible too. We JUST finished about Jesus’ birth. nights that we are running behind on the bedtime routine we have to read to her from a bible with slightly shorter stories :) hehe.

    Hey and I am kinda looking forward to l&d too…we ARE crazy :)

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