Happy 8 Months!

Happy 8 months Abigail!

Here are some stats and fun developmental achievements she is making:

Weight: 17 lb?

Height: ?

Head: ?

Clothes: 3-6 month pajamas and basically 6-9 month in everything else

Diaper: Size 3

Here’s the schedule we are adhering to at the moment:

8:00  Wake up/Formula

9:00 Fruit and Cereal

10:00 Nap

11:45 Formula

12:30 Veggies and Cereal

1:30 Nap

3:30 Formula

5:00 Veggies and Cereal

7:00 Formula

7:30-8:00 Bedtime

Favorites – sleeping on her belly, banging 2 toys together, riding in her stroller while mommy walks, taking a bath, laughing

Anti-Favorites – carrots, …I can’t think of anything else that she doesn’t like :)

Well, Abigail has completely dropped her third nap and the swaddle!  She really likes sleeping on her belly so I just stick her in the crib belly down and she goes right to sleep :)  Of course, her naps aren’t as long as they were with the swaddle but I’m sure she’ll learn to sleep better during the day…and even if she doesn’t its fine because she doesn’t really get very fussy unless she skips a nap.  Ever since we stopped using the swaddle at night it seems like Abigail has slept a little more peacefully than she did with the swaddle; sometimes we have to wake her up at 8 to start the day because she’s still sleeping!

Abigail is making improvements in the crawling department.  She still can’t crawl, but Abigail has become very good at making the transition from the sitting position to the crawling position and she has starting trying to pull up on objects that are near to her and taller than her.  She can stretch really far to reach what she’s trying to get to, but she just won’t move forward.

We have taken carrots off the list of contenders for favorite foods…I’m trying to mix a little bit in with other foods (especially fruits) but I think that she sometimes knows that I’m trying to trick her :) Also, I think I’m starting to see her front two bottom teeth come up the front of her gums, but no actual holes or teeth showing through.

Abigail is becoming more friendly with other people. There are a few people who she still is pretty nervous around but for the most part she hams it up pretty good when others come around.  This means that time in the nursery at church is a little more enjoyable for everyone :)

It seems like there aren’t many times during the day (unless she’s napping) when Abigail isn’t babbling or making some kind of noise…I think she’s definitely taking after Raymond! She loves singing and listening to us read to her and she also loves sitting in front of our glass door so that she can look outside.

Doing a push-up

Uncle Tommy came to visit :)

Just this past weekend, Raymond’s Uncle Tommy (Mr. Dennis’s brother) came to visit us.  He had a conference to go to in Cincinnati so he drove over to eat dinner with us and see Abigail.  It was great to reminisce and laugh over many memories that were shared that evening!

We’re looking forward to the end of this month especially.  Raymond will graduate as a Master of Divinity on May 20th.  My mom and most of Raymond’s family will be coming into town to see him walk and to visit with Abigail, who has grown so much since they last saw her!


2 thoughts on “Happy 8 Months!

  1. Abigail is really growing. I was so glad to see her with her Easter Basket. She looked so pretty. Hope you will be home some time this summer so we can see her.

  2. I can’t believe Abigail is 8 month old and we haven’t even met her yet!!! It doesn’t feel like it has been that long.

    Just read through the blog a bit: good to experience you guys from a far — no substitute for the real thing though.

    We prayed for you guys last night and do so most Mondays. We love you guys: keep up the good work and move to Denver when you are done in Louisville :)


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