Happy 7 Months!

Abigail turned 7 months on April 1!

Here are some stats and fun developmental achievements she is making:

Weight: I’m guessing at least 16 lb

Height: Taller than last time?

Head: Large like her daddy’s :)

Clothes: She’s still wearing 3-6 month but we are starting to pull out the 6-9 month clothes since they are spring and summer in theme and I’m getting tired of winter…

Diaper: Size 2

Here’s the schedule we are adhering to at the moment:

7:30-8:00  Wake up and nurse

9:00 Pears/Peaches/Apple and Banana Oatmeal (no such thing as too much fruit…)

9:30 Nap for about 1.5hrs

11:45 Nurse/Formula

12:30 Sweet Potatoes/Whole Wheat cereal

1:00 Nap for about 1.5hrs

3:30 Nurse/Formula

4:15 Peas/Butternut Squash/Whole Wheat cereal

4:30/5:00 Nap for 45min-1hr

7:00 Formula

7:30-8:00 Bedtime

About halfway through the month we had some milk supply issues which have resulted in supplementing with formula. It only took a couple of bottles for Abigail to catch on but we are enjoying the convenience of using a bottle every once in awhile and its kinda fun to see exactly how much she’s guzzling. So I would say we nurse 50% of the time and use a bottle 50% of the time. I’m thankful that I was able to nurse for this long and I’m also thankful that formula is an option!

Abigail is doing a lot of fun things these days, including sleeping through the night without a swaddle! I’m still putting her in the swaddle for nap time, but we might try taking that away soon once she gets really good at putting herself to sleep quickly.

She has started showing interest in mobility (a video can be viewed here) and is waving her fingers at herself. I don’t think that this is an intentional wave as much as she’s just enjoying watching her fingers move around :)

She is VERY good at sitting up by herself. Abigail can reach for toys without toppling over and can lean over, grab a toy, and pull herself back up to sitting straight up. We are also perpetually babbling and making noises and she is taking real sips of water from her sippy cup!

There are no signs of teeth…and I can’t say that I’m not happy about that!

I do plan on posting pictures, but I will do that early next week (we are having some semi-professional pictures taken on Sunday by a good friend who wants to practice with his new camera).  So stay tuned for some really fun Abigail pictures!


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