The Reverse Crawl

Abigail is making progress in the development of her motor skills and moving…it is just not in the direction that we would have expected! Enjoy the reverse crawl


3 thoughts on “The Reverse Crawl

  1. Looks like hard work! Yay Abigail! But I must say…you are both totally cute/excited new parents…not only were you video taping this moment, but there were like a million pictures snapped in the first 10 seconds of the video. :). And Abigail was totally aware she was doing something good :).

  2. Meghan she is so cute! :) I think she’ll be crawling in no time! Haha!! :)


    P.S. I’m assuming y’all really like that children’s bible listed to the right? Can you tell me a little about it? Thanks!! :)

    • Hi Laurie.

      We do enjoy the children’s Bible on our coffee table. Its called the Big Picture Story Bible. This Bible is more user friendly for young children (good pictures and short, digestible stories). We also really like The Jesus Story Book Bible, which has longer stories in it but it draws out some awesome Christ-centered themes from the Old Testament.
      Both of these children’s Bibles are true to the biblical text, and don’t soften stories unnecessarily so that the gospel is not misconveyed. We would recommend both of these!

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