Happy 6 Months!

Has it really been another month already?  Abigail really does get more fun every single day and I hope you can tell that from what I’ve described below!

Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz

Height: 24 3/4 in (I’m pretty sure I heard the Doc murmur something about 20th percentile…O well, she didn’t have a chance from the beginning)

Head: 44 cm

Clothes: Abigail fits very well in 3-6 month clothes

Diaper: Size 2

You can see from the schedule below that we have dropped the dream feed, which means that Abigail is nursing only 4 times a day now and eating baby food 3 times a day (I’m guessing she totals about 7 or 8 ounces of baby food every day…just a guess though).  I had a suspicion that the dream feed was disrupting her sleep to the point where she started waking up closer to 7 than 8, so I tried dropping it and she slept through the night with no waking and woke up at a little before 8 the next morning. Yay!


7:30 – 8  Wake up/Nurse

9:00 Barley Cereal & Pears

9:15-9:30 Nap

11:30ish Nurse

12:30ish Oatmeal Cereal & Sweet Potatoes

1:00ish Nap

3:00ish Nurse

4:00ish Squash & Green Beans

4:30ish Nap

6:30ish Nurse

7:30 – 8 Bedtime

The foods mentioned above are all the ones that Abigail is eating right now.  I have plans to try peas and carrots and one more fruit (apricots, peaches, or plums) during the next couple of weeks.

New Developments: Abigail is pretty proficient at sitting up.  This new achievement has not quite reached the status of unsupervised because of the tendency to fall backwards (which results in many tears), but she is loving the new perspective and I imagine she likes the feeling of all her weight on her bottom rather than on her back and head.  We have also started practicing with the sippy cup.  This has been going on for awhile with no result other than chewing and gnawing (and the occasional yucky face when she does actually get some water out of it).  This month Abigail also started babbling which has been a lot of fun to listen to.  Hopefully these will turn into words some day!

Favorites: Touching people’s faces, being carried up & down the stairs, making Indian noises (see video below), being swaddled and dressed/undressed, anything that Daddy does :)

Dislikes: Diaper change during nursery, falling backwards while sitting, being tired

I love Daddy!

I love Daddy!

Learning so fast

Learning so fast

That's not how that works :)

That's not how that works :)

This next picture requires a bit of an explanation :) Usually about once a day the high chair elicits Abigail’s ‘poopy face’ and you can view this phenomenon below.  Nothing ever comes out, she just feels like she needs to poop and makes some really awesome faces.  You should know that what you see below is only 1/10th of her best ‘poopy face’ but those are really hard to capture with a camera because I’m laughing so much!

Her poopy face

Her poopy face

And here is a video of Abigail playing with Daddy :)


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