Happy 5 Months!!

Wow…another month has already gone by!  I feel like this month has definitely been the most developmentally significant for Abigail.  Since we didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month, I don’t have any updated statistics (I tried weighing her at the seminary, but I am confident that the scale is very off since it showed her as weighing a half pound less than her 4 month appointment).

However, there are always fun things to share about a baby:

Clothes: Most 3-6 month clothes fit her perfectly.  We still have some outfits that swallow her though :)

Diaper: 1-2 during the day and 2 at night (we’re nearly out of 1-2 so once we finish she’ll be wearing size 2 24hrs)

Schedule: Ha…what’s that?  Due to some serious traveling, a stomach bug that kept her up all night and sleeping A LOT the next day, and either a milk supply issue or a really early growth spurt, we are just now starting to re-establish a good schedule.  So I have nothing set to share with you in that area other than generalities.  She’s waking up every morning around 8 and nursing about 5 times a day every 3-3.5 hours.  We are eating oatmeal cereal and squash (with a little water) one hour after her first feeding and sometime between 4:30 and 5:30 I’m giving her one ounce of squash.  I have plans to start introducing green beans with the oatmeal cereal in the mornings and maybe adding a lunch time feeding (and also thinking about starting pears to help even more with her poop problems).  Bedtime is sometime between 7 and 8 every night, depending on how cranky she is.  As far as naps go, we had a relapse of 30-45 min naps this month but the past couple of days have been really good (taking 1.5-2 hour naps), so hopefully she will keep going strong!  If her naps are good then she gets 3 every day and if they are bad then she takes 4 naps.

New Developments: Abigail has discovered her toes and LOVES grabbing onto them!  She also loves grabbing for anything that’s in front of her (especially our faces).  This new ability to reach for things has made her very interested in what we place in front of her (books, toys, etc).  So its more fun to read a book to her now because she’ll actually look at the pictures and try to touch them.  About half-way through this month, she learned how to roll from her back to her tummy (she’s rolling over her left side).  Abigail is also very interested in sitting up.  She can’t do it by herself yet but you can tell she tries to pull her head up like she wants to.  We are also much better at eating from a spoon than when we first started on solids.  She is now opening her mouth for the spoon and hardly spitting any of it out.

I think that Abigail’s personality is going to be a really silly one (especially if Daddy has a big influence on her)!  She is always smiling (I even catch her laughing at our plain white ceiling a lot of the time) and loves being tickled.  She is still talking a lot and making really cute noises while she plays or when she turns to look at us.

This month we also saw an increased awareness of strangers.  Before this, as long as I wasn’t in the room then she was fine.  But now, especially during evening nursery at church, she almost can’t make it through the entire service because she gets too worked up about being with people she doesn’t know.  As soon as they hand her off to me or Raymond she calms down, so its definitely an attachment problem (I call it a problem, but I know that its totally healthy for her to be this way).  So we’re just going to keep putting her in nursery rather than not and keep passing her off to people who want to play with her, so that the issue doesn’t become a permanent one.  I will not lie though, it is very fun to have a person so dependent on and trusting of you that they are upset if they’re not with you.

Her 6-month appointment is scheduled for early March where she’ll get more shots (which she is not even close to being fond of).

And here are some pictures from this last month:

My toes!

My toes!

Squash Mustache

I love to eat!

I can roll over :)

And I can do it well!


2 thoughts on “Happy 5 Months!!

  1. I really enjoyed reading about Abigail. Uncle Mike never did get to where he would stay in the nursery. He cried the whole time so I had to start working in the nursery so I could stay with him. Your dad liked staying in the nursery so I never had a problem with him. The pictures are so good makes me want to see her even more. We just got home from Uncle Mike’s and Aunt Dell’s and she is doing better. We drove home in sleet and ice. Love to all of you.

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