My Surprise Birthday Activities (Raymond Bafoozled Me)

Friday, January 21st, was my 25th birthday!

Raymond and I had already made date plans for the next Monday since Raymond needed to work that Friday.  I didn’t really care that he was working on Friday, because we have committed ourselves to keeping me at home to take care of our children and he needs to work in order to do that.  So, I made dinner plans with my friend Rebekah Drahosh and Raymond and I would just celebrate my birthday on Monday with dinner and a movie.  I had even made babysitting arrangements with Amy Brown so that we could spend the evening together :)

Little did I know that Rebekah was really going to be babysitting for us so that Raymond and I could go out for dinner at J. Alexanders (a steakhouse) on Friday night (Amy was completely in on the surprise when I asked her to watch Abigail on Monday)!  When she arrived at our house Raymond asked, “Are you ready to go?” and Rebekah said, “I’m babysitting!”  I was so overwhelmed with this surprise…I had absolutely no idea he was planning this (and normally I have at least a hunch that something fishy is going on…).  It was so good to take off the ‘mommy hat’ for a few hours and spend good quality time with my husband :)  And we had a gift card to this restaurant that allowed us to get pretty much whatever we wanted (we only had to pay for however much we tipped our waiter)!

After dinner, as we were headed back to the apartment, Raymond needed to swing by Rebekah’s apartment to get our camera back from her husband (who had supposedly borrowed it for some kind of church project…).  Again, I suspected nothing, but as we walked through their door I saw streamers and so many friends yelling “Surprise!”  Even Abigail was there, though she was definitely not a happy camper (until she saw us).  While Abigail slept we opened presents, ate red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (my favorite!), and played CLUE (The Office version).

I am so blessed to have a husband who would go to such lengths to make sure I have the best birthday every year (and Amy and Rebekah were such a huge help in keeping me bafoozled…)!  I am also blessed with such great friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, who would celebrate my birthday with me :)

Here are some pictures from the surprise party.  Caleb was ‘borrowing’ our camera so we don’t have any pictures from dinner.


One thought on “My Surprise Birthday Activities (Raymond Bafoozled Me)

  1. Meghan. Do you have any of that red velvet cake left? I seem to be out of honeybuns and I need something sweet!! Glad you had a great birthday, you deserve it. Good job Raymond!!!!!!

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