More than a Mother

Pat Johnson reading her testimony at CFBC before her baptism

Nine years ago I was not a Christian—in fact I didn’t know what a Christian was or that people could be saved by placing their faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. I was so lost and I didn’t even know it; I had no hope in the world.

Nine years ago my mom was in the same boat. We fought all the time, more than “normal” parent-kid conflict. We were both without hope and without Christ—reconciliation was nowhere in sight and we were mortal enemies.

I remember those years vividly; they were awful times—screaming, yelling, throwing, crying…sin, terrible sin. We were separated by sins we didn’t even know that we had, sins that were eroding our souls. Then, February 3, 2002 happened (the day that I professed faith in Christ at FBC Citronelle—I remember everything about day). God graciously intervened into our family and has begun a radical reversal.

Yesterday, after nine years, many long-distance phone calls, and much prayer, God manifested himself powerfully once again in my family at my 58 year old mother’s baptism at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. It was a blessed day indeed.

Today we are more than mother and son; we are brother and sister in Christ—we are eternally related in Christ; we have been adopted into the family of the Triune God.

Below is a transcript of the testimony that she read immediately prior to her baptism into the congregation she joined:

I was a lost sinner traveling down my own path and doing whatever I (my flesh) wanted. There was no accountability in my life except my own moral compass. Eternity was a fleeting thought and I felt I could control the outcome.

One afternoon while I listened to a preacher on the radio I asked myself, “Who is this Jesus?” My curiosity was stirred and I began to study and explore the Scriptures. I realized that Jesus is the Son of the Living God, who died a horrible death for my sins. I was so ashamed that I did not love the One who took my punishment. I wanted to know more about Jesus and realized that without faith in Jesus I was doomed to an empty life and death. I needed a reason to live each day and I felt like if I too could only touch His garment, I would be cleansed by His forgiveness and love. With the faith a little child, I too, could have the security of eternal life with God. I sat on my porch one evening and confessed out loud that I believed that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and I willingly bend my knee to Him.

My life is now centered on the desire to live for, obey, and love God. I am increasingly aware of sin and the dangers of sin. Though I fail miserably, it is my heart’s desire to love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, and mind, and to live for Him because He died for me. I now want to attend church, read my Bible, and to pray for lost souls and others. I am still a sinner, but I am not a lost sinner. As I observe the changes in my heart and life, I stand in awe and agree whole-heartedly with John Newton’s quote:

‘That I am a great sinner and Christ is a Great Savior.’

Meghan and I are terribly excited about the things God is doing in our family; we are slowly seeing the fruit of diligence in prayer. May our God continue to glorify himself.

Before being buried with Christ in the waters of baptism

Being buried

Raised to walk in the newness of life!


6 thoughts on “More than a Mother

  1. We had three baptisms last night at NAOBC. It is such a great and clear demonstration of the work of God the Father, Jesus Christ our Savior, and the Holy Spirit our Helper. Observing baptisms help our unbelief and encourage us to continue in the work of the Gospel. Praise God that we are not hearers of the transforming work of Christ, but are people who have experienced it!

  2. AHH! INCREDIBLE!! PRAISE GOD!! If I weren’t in a room with 3 other adults, I’d be bawling.

    I’ll say it again…y’all are really good at this blogging thing!! Keep it up!! Benjamin enjoyed looking at pictures of Abigail on here a couple of days ago. :-) We love y’all!

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