First ‘Solids’ & Traveling to MS/AL

Abigail and I flew to MS last week and had a wonderful time!  We weren’t able to go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year because of Raymond’s work and the expense of traveling, but I am VERY thankful that my dad generously flew us down to visit with family.  Its been awhile since that side of the family has seen her and it was great to see her laughing and playing with them.

Also, I was able to attend my cousin’s going away shin-dig as he will be leaving for Marine basic training in about a week (I’m pretty sure he’s going to Parris Island…)!

Sorry for the lack of pictures from my excursion in MS, but it was difficult to carry the camera plus all things that Abigail needed (which was a lot)!

In other news…

I had no intention of starting Abigail on ‘solids’ so soon but the doctor suggested that giving her squash would help with her irregular poops.  So, I made some squash puree yesterday and we started learning how to eat out of a spoon this morning!  By the way…this will definitely be a learning process for us (I don’t think any food actually ended up in her belly…).

She definitely does not like the idea of putting baby food in her mouth.  There were lots of ugly faces and gagging this morning :)

I started by putting some of the puree on my finger and then moved on to the spoon.  Her tongue thrust reflex is still pretty active so we’re just going to take this really slow until she is able to open her mouth up a little better to receive the food.  In order to keep disappointment/discouragement far away, I’m treating this time as the learning stage so that its ok if she isn’t actually eating the food…she’s learning how to eat the food :)  We’re only doing one cube of food in the mornings for now and will move to 2 cubes a day once she can eat a little better and gets a little closer to 6 months.

So here’s how I made the puree.  I cut a butternut squash in half and scooped out the seeds and fibers.  With about an inch of water in the bottom of a pyrex, I baked the squash (‘face’ down) for about 40 min.  After cubing the squash, I pureed until smooth in a food processor (thinning the puree with breast milk).  Then, I dished the puree into ice cube trays (which are equivalent to about 1 ounce) for freezing.

Here are some pictures from the pureeing process and the ‘eating’ process.  Enjoy!

Butternut Squash (baked and in the process of cubing)

Into the food processor...

Ready to freeze!

Defrosted cube ready to eat/not be eaten :)

Happy baby! (if only she knew what was about to happen...)

Really Mom? Why are you doing this to me?

Daddy, stop taking pictures and save me!

To continue our never-ending travels, all of us will be driving down to AL to watch Raymond’s mom get baptized as she joins Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile.  We are very excited for Mrs. Pat as we see her being sanctified and growing into the likeness of Christ and we are especially grateful that she now has a church family where she can build edifying relationships and hear the Word preached weekly.


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