Happy 4 Months!!

Abigail turned 4 months old on Jan 1!  I can’t believe how quickly this time has gone by and how much she has grown.  It seems like yesterday when I was thinking that she would never sleep through the night or that she would never learn how to nurse well!

Abigail had her check-up and more shots today.  Here are some of her stats!

Weight: 13 lb 8 oz (50%)

Height: 24 in (just under 50%)

Head Circumference: 43 cm (90%)

So she definitely has her daddy’s head!  Lots of room for big brains :)

Diaper Size: Right now she is in size 1-2 by Pampers.

Clothing: Most 0-3 month clothes are starting to get tight and most 3-6 month clothing is a little big so we are definitely in a transition time right now!!

Eating: We are still nursing about 5 times a day.  We will probably start on some solids in the next couple of weeks because Abigail has such a hard time pooping regularly.  I basically give her a glycerin suppository every 3 days to make her poop.  The doctor said that starting her on squash or carrots and then oatmeal cereal would help her poop more regularly

Schedule: Abigail is on a solid 3.5-hour schedule right now with hopes to move to a 4-hour schedule soon (I hear that’s the best time ever, not feeling so much like a milk machine and not feeling stuck to the house to make sure feedings and naps happen like they’re supposed to).  The schedule below is the norm/ideal right now but naps don’t always happen this way, especially if we have a full day out of the house but she does eat at these times at least.

8ish Wake/Nurse

9:15-9:30 Nap

11:30 Wake/Nurse

12:45-1 Nap

3 Wake/Nurse

4:15-4:30 Nap  —  This nap is usually the shortest (waking up at 5:30 or before) and she sometimes needs an extra catnap right before eating at 6:30 in order to make it to bedtime

6 Wake

6:30 Nurse

7:30-8 Bed

10:30-11 Dreamfeed and back to bed (w/ no waking)

Favorites: Smiling/laughing, bouncing on mommy or daddy’s lap, making mommy and daddy look at her, reading with mommy and daddy, singing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and doing the motions with her legs, playing with her colorful/singing worm (ok…so these are also mine and Raymond’s favorites but we think that she likes them a lot too!!)

Other Fun Things: Abigail loves looking at her hands and has even started intentionally grabbing things that are in front of her and pulling them to her mouth (my fingers and shirt for example).  She is accomplished at sticking her whole fist in her mouth!  She also rolled over from her tummy to her back when she was about 3 months and 1 week old (she definitely doesn’t do it very often but it is so much fun when she does!).  Raymond and I have decided to only put toys in her left hand to ensure left-handedness (we’re only kind of serious about this one).

Abigail will be taking her first airplane ride tomorrow to visit family in MS.  I am praying for a peaceful trip for both of us (last time I rode in a plane I was sick for both legs…though I was pregnant so that might have been a factor)!

Parent Dedication

Parent Dedication

Abigail Mid-Roll


Ben hugging 'Abu'

Daddy and Abigail

Daddy and Abigail

Smiling in the Activity Gym

Smiling in the Activity Gym

Smiling in the Activity Gym

Smiling in the Activity Gym


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