Prolegomena: Welcome to the Johnson Family Blog

Since we have immediate family living up to 622 miles away (about 9 1/2 hrs) in Alabama and Mississippi and since we have close friends who will be living 5000 miles away in Brazil, we have decided to start a family blog.  Our purpose is to enable friends and family to keep up with what the Lord is doing in our life as a Christian family seeking to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, we hope that our blog will help us to do a better job of keeping up with our friends all around the world and especially since Abigail will be changing and growing so quickly, we hope to keep family informed on the milestones and such that she is achieving.

Our goal is to post once or twice weekly (either Meg/Meg or Ray/Ray or Meg/Ray or Ray/Meg or whatever!) with thoughts, pictures, videos, etc.  Our desire to be intentionally regular in posting will hopefully benefit any readers we may have.

We encourage thoughtful feedback and pray that we will focus our energies on glorifying God in our family and through our blog.


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